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We’re entrepreneurs and business owners. We grasp the big picture but don’t miss the small details. We’re ready to dig up some dirt.
Financial Analysis
Even entrepreneurs need some help setting events in motion. We can prepare a financial analysis of your business to make sure that no nickel or dime is overlooked. Just ask our existing clients how it worked out for them. Mike Abenante of Mike’s Auto Body began leasing from TMG in 2005. By 2008 he wanted to expand into his own building. “They managed and helped me better understand all aspects...
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A + E Design
BIM is not a software. Or a process, it’s a database management system and a completely new way of thinking about building design and construction. The best way to see the advantages of BIM is to look at its precondition, and following the life cycle of a plan, or building layout. Think about a building as if were a human body – the architecture is the skin, the structural engineering is the bones,...
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Infrastructure +
Site Development
Welcome to the fast lane. Before we cut in the roads, install the pipes, and build the pump station, we line up the subs and material suppliers to expedite approval and permitting processes. The Miller Group is a firm with a focus on the construction of commercial and industrial buildings, as well...
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The Details That Matter
Our partnership with luxury home developer Ryan Homes gave us the opportunity to showcase how even small details in infrastructure design can have a big impact on buyers. We broke ground back in April 2014, eager to begin their first-ever Virginia Beach project. The Estates at Munden Farms is on...
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Commercial Construction
We have our own in-house construction company which gives us unmatched quality control and a whole lot of sway over materials and timelines. Our team can take you from concept to permitting to development and never lose sight of your unique requirements. Not every giant wants to leave a big footprint, so you’ll find innovative and clever details in our biggest successes, like the rain harvesting system at IMS Gear, or the first of its kind interconnected trail system in Virginia Beach....
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Leasing + Management
A diverse roster of businesses lease from The Miller Group, and because growth is the ideal and trading up is the goal, we’re constantly assessing where they might need to expand. We’re proud to mentor and incubate businesses out of their start up locations and into bigger and better buildings....
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You have needs, we have solutions.
Batelle Memorial Institute, the world’s largest research and development non-profit, came to the Miller Group with a unique request – they needed a space, and believed they could grow, but knew that it would never be advantageous to buy. Three years later they signed a lease on their 16,000 square foot, custom-built office and manufacturing facility.
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