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What’s Really Happening With The Former Green Flash Brewery Facility?

By: Anna Grandle

April 4, 2018

Confusion…is the former Green Flash Brewery facility For Sale by Comerica?..Up For Auction?..or Under New Ownership? The answer is none of the above.

News outlets, unfortunately, have provided incorrect information that continues to circulate and has led to concern/confusion amongst many Virginia Beach locals. The Virginia Beach facility, 1209 Craft Lane was never owned by Green Flash Brewing Co. Green Flash was a tenant of the facility’s owner, Jerry Miller.  After recent financial difficulties, the San Diego based brewery operation decided to pull out of the Virginia Beach market; leaving the facility without a brewery operator but still under original ownership.

Miller is committed to keeping the space as an entertainment and brewery venue.  “There has been tremendous interest from numerous craft breweries and we are confident of an exciting announcement in the near future” – Owner, Jerry Miller

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