We’re All In For You


The Miller Group is all in, all the time, for everything.

by Kim Koditek, Marketing Coordinator

What does a beer brewery, an automobile gear assembly’s factory, a neighborhood of suburban families, an office building, and a sewer pump station all have in common? Well, usually nothing, but in this very unusual case, there’s one thing that connects the whole bunch—The Miller Group (yeah, that’s us).

Yes it’s true, we are the little guy, the underdog, and maybe even the one you’ve never heard of, but don’t count us out. Don’t pigeon-hole us. And definitely don’t underestimate us—we hate that. We’re all in, all the time, for everything. And, we’ve done some pretty awesome stuff.

Okay, time to let us brag a little.

The biggest craft beer brewery coming to the Hampton Roads area, Green Flash Brewing—that’s us. The Green Flash owners, coming all the way from San Diego, Ca., trusted us with their project. If you couldn’t already tell, we’re excited, and we want you to be excited too! I mean, it’s a building that’s going to hold A LOT of beer…who doesn’t like that? And the best part is, we’re also building the tap room that’s open to the public (a.k.a. you)! So. Cool.

Now, let’s talk international. We don’t like to name drop but…we’re buddies with a couple cool cats from across the pond. Like STIHL, IMS: Gear, and Prufrex—all German manufacturing companies that we’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends and partners with over the past couple years. We’ve had the chance to build some of their biggest factories in Virginia Beach.

Have we caught your attention yet? Did I mention executive office spaces, residential neighborhoods, infrastructure sites, and much more…

Okay, okay, enough bragging, but we just really wanted to show you that we can do it all, and that we’d do it all for you. We know that every project is different and that every project is challenging, but we’re ready for that.

So, what’s our secret to success? You. For every project we take on, we form a relationship with our client. We’ve been in your shoes, so we know what to expect and we know what to deliver. The relationships we form with our clients do not just last a couple months over the course of a project. We don’t have clients, we have partners. And, most importantly, we have friends. There’s trust, understanding, and everything else needed to develop long lasting relationships.

You won’t just be another project or just another number. You’ll be our new partner and our new friend—and, we’ll be all in for you.

For more information about The Miller Group, feel free to contact the writer, Kim Koditek at kkoditek@millergrpva.com.