The Significance of the Customer Journey

A Sit Down with The Miller Group’s Vice President of Development

by Kim Koditek, Marketing Coordinator, featuring an interview with Whit Hill, Vice President of Development


Infographic gathered from SlideShare.

From the pitch and start of a project, to the final stages of construction and turn-key handover, a customer’s journey from beginning to end includes many different steps through a company. These steps, which are critical moments that customers interact with an organization and its employees at all levels of the company, are commonly known as “touchpoints.” Although each touchpoint is significant in its own way, it is the journey from touchpoint to touchpoint that creates a major impression for companies.

Whit Hill, Vice President of Development for The Miller Group, understands these touchpoints well.

“It’s about creating the same experience and excitement across multiple different people in the company,” Hill said. “It doesn’t matter if the customer is talking to me, to the President, to someone in human resources, to a project manager, to the front desk, and so on. What matters is that they come away with the same feeling and the same trust from that person to the next person, no matter who they are meeting or talking to at our company.”

According to an article in Harvard Business Review, “companies that excel in delivering journeys tend to win in [their] market.” While each touchpoint in important, creating an overall consistent journey is even more important. Research shows that performance on journeys is 30% to 40% more strongly correlated with customer satisfaction than performance on touchpoints—and those with higher performance in overall customer journeys tend to create higher revenue, repeat purchases, low customer churn, and positive word of mouth.

“We want to establish trust. Once you trust who you’re working with, the whole conversation changes,” Hill said. “We want our clients and our partners to come away saying ‘I had a great experience with her…I had a great experience with him…’ and all the way down the line.”

“The Miller Group prides ourselves in the relationships we can form with each of our clients, and I think it gives us a different experience and a different outcome for our customers that they probably wouldn’t get somewhere else.”

Trust, integrity, solid relationships: While those words may seem overused in today’s business world, the way a company actually delivers on those values is the true measurement of their character and their business philosophy.

For more information about customer touchpoints and journeys, check out “The Truth About Customer Experience” by the Harvard Business Review, or contact Vice President of Development, Whit Hill at