Green Flash Brewery Virginia Beach, Va

“The Miller Group has championed Virginia Beach and the community. They are genuinely interested in fostering both economic and cultural growth to directly benefit residents. Because of their solid experience and locally focused intentions, I completely trust The Miller Group as our on-site Virginia Beach liaison, confident that their team will work well with our existing engineering advisers, as well as choose Virginia-based contractors to see the project to fruition.”
Co-Founder + CEO, Green Flash Brewing Co.

Mike Hinkley, co-founder and CEO of Green Flash Brewery, and Tim Harkins, president of The Miller Group, met while Hinkley was in the early stages of seeking a location for their 2nd brewery. While Green Flash was investigating Virginia Beach as a possibility, The Miller Group was extremely helpful, and the leaders developed a comfortable working relationship. The Miller Group’s community connections ensured that subcontracting and other project needs will be primarily outsourced to Virginia Beach locals, another determining factor that was of importance to the Green Flash team.

“Green Flash Brewery will have a tremendous impact on Virginia Beach and the entire Hampton Roads area,” says Whit Hill, vice president of The Miller Group. “It is a slam dunk from a real estate, economic and cultural perspective. Green Flash’s presence in Virginia Beach is certain to revitalize the immediate area and beyond, and we are excited to be a part of this new chapter for Virginia Beach.”

The Miller Group estimates that more than 250 Virginia Beach area residents will have a hand in building the 58,000-square-foot brewing facility from groundbreaking to finish. After the construction is complete, Green Flash will create permanent jobs for more than 40 people in the region. Surrounding the project is positive speculation on the long-term economic benefits that the city and residents of Virginia Beach will reap from the Green Flash brewery’s presence.

About Green Flash Brewing Co.
Green Flash Brewing Co. is located in San Diego, California, and was founded in 2002 by Mike and Lisa Hinkley. Chuck Silva, Brewmaster, leads brewing operations. Green Flash is an award-winning brewer of fine, hand-crafted ales. The company specializes in brewing assertive and distinctive beers, such as the nationally acclaimed West Coast I.P.A.: an award-winning beer whose wide acceptance has helped define a category. Green Flash brews ten styles of beer regularly, on draught and in bottles as well as a growing lineup of seasonal and special offerings, including several barrel-aged beers, throughout the year. Please visit the Green Flash website for more information.