Cox High School – The Wing

When The Miller Group heard that Cox High School was looking to build a multi-purpose venue for students, faculty, and staff but needed overall development/construction assistance, our team jumped at the opportunity to help.

The project referred to as “The Wing” will feature a 300 by 60 ft patio encompassing a covered mini-amphitheater, seating for more than 300, large planters and 15-20 picnic tables with umbrellas. The space will be used for class meetings, performances, pre-game parties amongst other events, and provide students and staff members an area to eat lunch on nice days.

“Many companies had already contributed on design and fundraising like Clay Dills – Dills Architect, VHB and Travis Chick. We helped push it over the finish line. Mostly by people who are alumni or had kids attend like Chris Safrit of Trident Civil and Mike Gingerich of Wilmik. Additionally, other companies like Draper Aden and Mann Power Construction contributed with no affiliation. It’s always rewarding to give back and Dr. Kelly is truly the inspiration that brought this to life.” said Tim Harkins, President of The Miller Group.

The Wing project is being completely supported by donations, corporate sponsorships, and volunteered labor. If you or someone you know wants to get involved, please go to Help Build The Wing to find out more.

Photo credit © VHB