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Olahs Landing

  • Client: Ryan Homes & Today Homes
  • Facility Type: Residential
  • Project Name: Olahs Landing
  • Location: Chesapeake, Virginia
  • Skills: Land Acquisition, Development, Infrastructure, Pump Stations

Olah Farm was purchased, developed, and rezoned by The Miller Group with lots under contract with Ryan Homes and Today Homes. The Miller Group continued to design and build the infrastructure and site development for the property, including Olahs Landing’s very own pump station, in addition to creating and managing a homeowners association for the property. The property is located along Johnston Road in Chesapeake, Va., and plans have been created to implement walking trails as well as a second entrance into Great Bridge High School, which is on the direct east side of Olahs Landing.

The Project was awesome because...

"The Miller Group prides themselves on relationships and integrity. Over our brief time together we have established a very trustworthy relationship. We work on projects as partners; I have all the confidence that they are working for the best interest of our partnership."

Aaron VanDyke, General Manager, Ryan Homes